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Breastfeeding DVD

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If you’re thinking about breastfeeding, BabyBabyOhBaby: Nurturing Your Gorgeous & Growing Baby By Breastfeeding will make your decision much easier. If you’ve already decided to breastfeed—and we hope you have—our DVD takes the mystery and doubt out of breastfeeding by giving you practical, real-world information, beginning with the breast crawl and baby-led breastfeeding.

Our panel of experts are all real moms and babies who show and tell you what to expect. Much more than a how-to film, BabyBabyOhBaby: Breastfeeding is a heartfelt, honest and reliable introduction to one of the very best parts of motherhood.

The journal of the United States Lactation Consultant Association is Clinical Lactation. This review ran in March of 2012.


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Life's Perfect Beginning

Infant Massge DVD

A Recommended Resource of Lamaze International

"BabyBabyOhBaby: Bonding With Your Brilliant and Beautiful Baby Through Infant Massage is an exquisitely produced DVD that speaks louder than words! The beauty and sacredness of the parent-child relationship is portrayed in a unique and artistic way that mesmerizes the viewer. Science confirms that of the five senses, touch is by far the most important, as without touch a baby literally cannot survive.

Infant massage as demonstrated in BabyBabyOhBaby teaches parents to touch their babies, read their baby's cues, both critically important tools that help develop a secure parent-child attachment that will last a lifetime."

Barbara Nicholson and Lysa Parker, FoundersAttachment Parenting International logo

Strokes of Genius

Bonding With Your Baby

Parents everywhere are discovering the numerous benefits and joys of baby massage through the step-by-step instructions from programs like "BabyBabyOhBaby."